‘I believe myself to be a passionate pigeon fancier in the care, cultivation and breeding of racing pigeons.......



Our lofts; which hold over 200 plus pigeons, is L shaped in design have a wing facing South another facing West and constructed in Red Cedar Wood, with 3” hardwood  floor grill, electronic timing system (ETS) and installed an electronic cleaning system. The boxes are cleaned at the push of a button regularly and the floor grills are lifted and the droppings & waste removed. The lofts have been divided into five sections; Hen Section, Stock Bird Section, Racing Section and Young Bird Section. Each section has its own independently filtered water supply and timed lighting .



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Our Legacy of supplying top producers and racers for other fanciers is testimony to the quality of potent winning genes that we have sourced and developed over the years, as we have winners reported to us from every distance and at every level of competition from all parts of the UK.


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