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Hello Pigeon Fanciers,


I just wanted to introduce myself; my name is Kevin I created ‘WaggyPigeons’ to share my pigeon racing passion with the world, and to share my passion with the rest of the pigeon community.

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Humberston Flying Club


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My Story,


I have kept racing pigeons on and off for about 50 years. I still remembers making my first 'loft' constructed from old floorboards and joists liberated from derelict house!  My nest boxes were made from reconstructed orange boxes. My first pigeons were Tumblers and Tipplers, purchased from the bird market Club Row (Brick Lane) London.  I graduated to racing birds with the help of local fanciers in the area.


I gave up pigeons in the late 70's early 80's when I married Debbie but as soon as we were settled in our home the birds made a comeback! I actually repurchased my old family and race team of Busschearts, which are still at the heart of my team today


Approx 10 years ago I found my sight starting to deteriorate and was very close to giving up flying. I bought the electronic timing system (ETS) and installed an electronic cleaning system to help but still found it tough going so when the opportunity came along I formed a partnership with Bob Pickering (known as Wagstaff and Pickering) which lasted 4 years and was very successful at Club and Federation level.


Following the break-up of the partnership Debbie joined me and we have forged ahead at Club, Federation and National level. We have also taken an interest in One Loft Racing both in this country and overseas finding we get all the fun of watching the racing on line but without any of the hard work!


I am now registered blind and have very little sight and Debbie has picked up the reins and amazed herself, and many top fanciers we know, in maintaining the health and racing ability of our team. With my knowledge and Debbie’s practical abilities we intend to continue to forge ahead in the sport. As I can no longer see and Debbie has limited knowledge, our records and pedigrees are kept to the best of our ability, so we offer no guarantees. Over the years we have made many lasting friendships in the sport but special thanks for all their help must go to Steve and Sharon Cuthbert of Billingham.I cannot express my gratitude in words to Debbie, for her love and support over the years, not only has she had to contend with the pigeons, but also my vast collection of Live Steam Locomotives and railway paraphernalia.

The Humberston Flying Club meet here at The Countryman every Friday during the race season.


The Countryman Traditional Pub


Fieldhouse Road,



DN36 4UN


Telephone: 01472 812402

Article and picture courtesy of the British Homing World on the 7th August 2015... ‘Around Bull Fort’


We had a Club race from Huntingdon to coincide with Bourges but as a holdover prevailed over the Channel it became a long weekend. in humberston FC fromHuntingdon (8/83) taking the red card in what proved to be a very successful few days were Kevin & Debbie Wagstaff on 1343. The next day the Bourges pigeons (6/49) were up earlyand Mr & Mrs Wagstaff again led the way on 1275 for 8th Open Fed, 1st South Section, 2nd, taking all the pools. To cap a fine weekend Mr & Mrs Wagstaff were the leading fanciers in our Club in the MNFC from Ancenis, gaining 201st Open, 17th East Section (provisional).

Memories from my Past

My Father who was a keen Pigeon Fancier

Me in my early years with pigeons

Me, Debbie and my Father

Unfortunately the above article; which featured in the December issue of the Homing World, is inaccurate. Andy Rudd took the top hen prize and Debbie and I took the top Cock prize, plus third and fourth places. We were also pleased to take second prize in the hens section and also gained some minor prizes in both classes.

2015 Humberstone Presentation Night


We were the second highest prize

winners at the Humberstone Flying Club

In memory of our very good friend Peter, who was a keen pigeon-fancier himself. 1932 ~2017