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At Waggypigeons our goal is very simple, we want to breed the best racing pigeons we can, and everything about our program is geared toward breeding better racing pigeons. This means that in the early years we spent a great deal of money and effort acquiring some of the finest genes available in the sport for the purpose of establishing a world class gene pool from which we could work. Once this was accomplished, our efforts shifted to evolving that gene pool. As we move forward in this regard, the famous birds that are the foundations of our lines become more distant in the pedigrees.


However, the value of the birds we produce should increase with each succeeding generation and we are always looking to better our stock and introduce new lines, if we are to be considered successful in our breeding program. Not everything we sell will win or will breed a winner.


We do not mass produce to make large amounts of money, we only sell youngsters off the same breeding pairs we use to supply our own racing lofts, which holds records in several different organisations, and have won hundreds of prizes at Club and Federation level. Over the years we have had good results in Classic and National races.


Kevin and the pigeon which came 2nd in the Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race on Sunday from Falaise in France (295 miles).

Only 3 pigeons got back on the day.

Extracts from an Article in the British Homing World, September 20th, 2019


I would like to start this article by giving everyone who entered the toughest of one loft races in the UK a massive thank you. Why is it the toughest of one loft races? Simple, because we go it alone, a small group of pigeons being asked to fly nearly 300 miles from France with no other organisations racing the Channel that day. All other one loft races whose final is from France go for safety in numbers being convoyed by specialist clubs, some with up to six different organisations on board, thus there are thousands of pigeons coming into the UK.


The morning of liberation, 25th August we had brilliant visibility on the Channel and plenty of hours flying time with the birds being liberated at 7.30am. I thought the leading birds should be home between the seven and eight hour mark but how wrong I was. We reached nine hours but still nothing and I was becoming very disillusioned, however so many fanciers were saying some really positive comments and for this I must thank you all. People who know me will testify I don't duck away from a challenge and I certainly wear my heart on my sleeve and live for this race but if I was sitting on the other side of the rope as a competitor then I would have expected birds home by now. We got to 10 hours and still nothing so I really did fear the worse, my thoughts were that the birds were still in France and they had not crossed the Channel but I put on a brave face although inside no-one knew how I was suffering. I suddenly heard a shout and looked up to see a grizzle pitching for the loft, let me tell you this was like lifting a 10 ton weight off my shoulders because I now knew that a good group would have crossed the Channel. In less than two minutes another bird arrived which hit the loft but was a little stage shy and I really had to coax this one into the loft. This was a cracking blue cock which belonged to the Trainspotters’ Syndicate alias Kevin & Debbie Wagstaff from Louth in Lincolnshire.

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